Friday, July 15, 2011

Change of Routine

Sometimes, the unfortunate events may be the best things that could happen.

I lost my day job.  I was forced not to go to work because of too many absences.  I got around four absences in one week.  One was because I gave my nanny her day off. Another one was because I woke up one hour late and decided not to go to work and the other two was because I went on a trip.  I could be really irresponsible if I wanted to.

I'm serious about the job.  I haven't been absent or late before that.  But during those last few days at work, there were so many reasons not to go to work.  I always informed the office hours before work begins for the day (as they have told their employees).  The bad thing about the management is that I have to hear it from someone else that I don't have a job anymore to return to.  The management couldn't even send an informal text message that I should not return to work anymore.

Before I go on, I heard that after I left, there were rampant absences in the company and the management is starting to worry.  I hope the management now understands that if they don't take care of their employees, their employees won't care about the company.    

I love my day job just because it pays the bills and it is pretty enjoyable too (I have to admit that).  I love dealing with all the clients (no kidding when I say love).

Anyway, I still have my part-time job at night.  It's a four-hour commitment after 7pm.  And so after I lost my day job, I made my part-time work my day job.  I asked the management of this particular company that I want to work during the early hours of the mornings too.  And so they said yes, and now they are giving me more clients to handle.  It's not because I'm that good.  It's mainly because they are in dire need of manpower and they have no choice but to entrust some of the clients to me.  Ahahah!

And one more thing, I had a previous client who wanted to hire me privately.  Besides that, she also gave me other private clients of my own.  And so, by referral system, these private students are also telling other potential clients about me.  Thank you Lord.  

I'm not doing any high paying work but it's the least I can do right now.  

In between, I can study and prepare for my dream job (in the near future) and take care of my baby (or at least, supervising the nanny).  

Good things will happen eventually.  We just need to be patient.  (Look who's talking now! ^_^ )


  1. Some things happen for a reason. SO maybe this other company is really the one meant for you. =)

  2. God has plans sis, you just wait and see. =)