Thursday, July 7, 2011

Ranting Since Yesterday

I've got nothing good to say about this particular house helper.  She's the newest in the group and she has been given kitchen duty.  This morning, I was about to wash my daughter's drinking glass.  But then, I had to stop and call this particular house help to get her attention on how dirty the sponge and it's container was.  I told her to wash it clean after use so that it will be ready for use the next time.

To my surprise, she started to tell me that she keeps it clean all the time and that it is only then that it wasn't that clean.  She started ranting about how late we went home yesterday because we did some grocery shopping.  And that she had to cook dinner afterwards and so on and so forth.  I was three clicks past reason already listening to her.

Yesterday afternoon, we went grocery shopping and we brought her with us because she knows what we needed to buy more than we (my sister and I) do.  She got the shopping list but to my dismay, it was taking her a very long time and we (my sister and I) still had somewhere to go.  So I helped her with the grocery.  (We were doing our own grocery shopping - looking for baby, bedroom and bathroom stuff.)  But since she was doing everything at a snail pace, I had to get most of the things on the list.

After an hour or so, we were waiting for her to finish up. When we got to the counter, she went running back to get what she had forgotten.

And that was the scenario yesterday.  It was her fault that we were so late when we finished grocery shopping.  It was her fault that my sister and I wasn't able to go where we were supposed to go.  And this morning, she had the gall to complain in my face.  I sarcastically apologized for telling her what to do about the dirty sponge.  I was also sarcastic when I said "Sorry po, hindi ko alam na bawal pala magsabi sayo ng dapat mong gawin".  I also told her to forget about the sunny side up I was requesting from her (this I asked of her last night... that I wanted sunny side up for breakfast).  I was really mad.  And I can sense my bitchiness already.  I'm so annoyed at her.  Grabe!


  1. that's one of the reason why i do not want to hire yaya and be a full time mom, less stress for me. =)

  2. Chill sis, ang puso mo.. ;)

  3. Change her na lang. She's not worth the headache.

  4. nakaka irita nga. sarap palayasin. power trip mo kaya. =0)