Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Family Noon Time

We've been trying to fit it in our schedule.  Just a few hours will do just fine for us.  And so, today we were able to get together - my husband, Via and me - for lunch and a quick stroll in the park (Eastwood is like a park right?).

Since we were both working almost at the same time - early morning and early in the evening, the only time we have free is the one in between (sometimes, he's also booked at that time).  Today, I had to move my reading schedule after lunch so that we can have lunch out together.  

Since this doesn't happen very often, it is considered a special day hence, I just had to take pictures ^_^

While we were waiting for our ride, Via spent time ripping apart my Metro magazine.

Via and her Papa
He's trying to do everything for her even just for a few hours.

My husband was elated when Via fell asleep on his chest.
No kidding!  He was all smiles ^_^

I find the pictures funny because he was carrying the baby, fanning the baby and holding the umbrella for Via.
But I didn't find it funny when I saw how humongous my legs were.
So much for sexiness!  LOL!

It was a very short get together but we promised that we're going to do it more often
since Eastwood is nearby our home and work.


  1. You're wearing the Maria Sharapova doll shoes! =D

  2. i like the last picture. =)

  3. a doting papa to Via... :) lovely to see all of you together.

  4. Sweet photos. :) Lovely family.

  5. sweet moments. i love the last picture too. and you don't have humungous legs by the way! you're still sexy!

  6. hi! i've tagged you on this post

  7. Lovely photos. God bless your family. =)