Friday, July 1, 2011

In Seoul

I'm currently in the lobby of a business hotel (even though we really are on vacation) to conduct a phone class over the internet.  It's too bad that this hotel doesn't have a wi-fi service in the rooms.  Instead, they have it for free in the lobby.  Hence, the lobby is full of guests using their smart phones, laptops, iPads, iTouch(es) and so on. 

I'm currently waiting for a student to go online.  Unfortunately, she seems late tonight.  I tried talking to her and having class with her last night but she complained that she can hear the background noise instead of my voice.  Darn that airport paging system.  And so now, I have to conduct an hour's class in order to make it up to her (and not tell on me to my boss).

I miss my daughter.  I saw babies in the (Namsan) park this afternoon which reminded me of Via.  I couldn't make an international call for lack of money.  It's a good thing that I don't have to spend any during this trip (You can now call me parasite).

I'm travelling with my sister and my father.  It is time to build the bridge between me and my father.  We don't really talk a lot for the past few years.  And I think being with him along with my sister will bring those memorable days when it has always been the three of us together. 

Need to go now and have class.


  1. Wui, you're in Seoul?;) Sosyal! That place has always been one of my dream destinations. I hope you, your sis and your dad were able to re-connect.

  2. ang sosyal...Seoul! enjoy your trip:)