Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Walker Fun

She is finally maneuvering her way throughout the den.  Whenever her nanny leaves her in the den with me, she heads straight to the radio to change the channel or volume.  I just watched her from my desk.

"Move over, Via."  LOL!
Getting a visit from Kuya Gab (her 3 y.o. cousin) before he got dressed for school that morning.
By the way, Via's walker is a hand-me-down from Kuya Gab.
Thanks Kuya Gab!


  1. So cute!

    Sis, you mentioned in my blog you wanna join the blog-a-day challenge? Welcome to the club! Is this the blog that you're gonna update everyday? I'm asking because I know you got other blogs as well. ;)

  2. @Cha: I think I'm going to have to have another make another blog for that sis. ^_^