Sunday, August 21, 2011

Strolling In Resorts World

Kuya Gab and Ate Via 
Once the car started moving, they started behaving.

First timers in Resorts World.
We run off to the second floor because of the cigarette smoke 
we smelled emitting from the Casino at the Lobby.

Stopped by for lunch at Tao Yuan
It was crowded that time.

Via gets a hug from GrandMommy

"Mom, can you let me down for once?"
My daughter, when you're carrying her, she keeps pushing you away.
There was a time when she almost fall off because she pushed me so suddenly.

Mom! That camera is too close to my face!

Is there dirt in my face? LOL!

Yaya Analyn and Kuya Sergio
They look hungry as I am.

My sister and her family

My parents and my sister and her hubby
We were almost done and the restaurant is almost empty.

My sister's family

My daughter looking spiffy in her pigtails.

We left our parents inside the Casino

My beloved yaya Jane. 

I want this wall in my room (LOL!) 
Scare all the rats away (if there's any... scary!!!)

Kuya Gab wants a coin to throw in the fountain.

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  1. aww! Via looked so cute in those pig tails:p Like ko din pumunta jan, though napaka layo sa place namin hehe..