Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sunday Playtime

Her grandfather told me to clean her up because she looks untidy.  
I frowned on that one especially when I just gave her a bath just a few minutes before that.
I think it was because of her unruly hair. 
I told my father, she smells better than anyone in the room. LOL!

"Mommy, can I eat this?"

"I can't seem to take a bite."

"Let me try again... nope, I can't get a piece."

"I need more toys... if you want me not to bother you."

"Mommy, I want to show them my powder puff."


  1. Her hair's indeed getting pretty long. Time for cute barrettes and bows! =)

  2. Untidy? Tuwang tuwa nga ko dito kay Via kasi mukang ang sarap sarap amuyin tsaka i-kiss. Ang linis linis, mukang fresh lagi. cute cute pa! =)

    Hala, ayan na nanggigil nako. hihi