Thursday, August 11, 2011

TV and Chocolates

Via can now appreciate TV shows  Well, some of them, anyway.  When she went downstairs to have lunch, she glided beside her Kuya Gab to watch the cartoons that he was watching.  They were so behave and attentive watching Nickelodeon together that it was such a nice site.  Usually, the nanny is running after Kuya Gab and Via is always asking to be carried around.  

Thank you Nickelodeon!

Good thing, they didn't mind me blocking the TV from their sight.

Husband bought this for me.  
I love it when he feeds me (Oink! Oink!)
May not be a big deal to others, but in our family, it is.  

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  1. My nephew loves Nick Jr shows. Although he just sits around for those scenes with catchy songs. Other than that, we veers away and finds something else to distract him. Hehehe! =)