Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Arriving Home From Work

It's a good thing the pre-residents were not required to take the exam for today.  I was able to leave the hospital before sunset.

When I got home, everyone was on the street - my sister, my nephew, my daughter and the helpers.  It was so nice to be home at that time.  Everyone was enjoying the late afternoon outside since it was a really nice day today.

My daughter enjoying the afternoon out along with babies, toddlers and kids in our street.

Mommy looks "wasak" from work.

Ate Rose was there to carry my things up in my room
but then I asked her to wear my blazer and took a picture of her
also carrying my books!
She looks like a mad doctor with her usual unruly hair!  


  1. sis, nakakatuwa naman yung picture ni ate rose mo. hihihi!

  2. Sis, grabe yung tingin ni Via sayo oh. Mukang na-miss ka! =)

  3. I love that mad doctor look :) hahahah!

  4. Ang cute namn ni baby! Nakatitig sya sayo o! hehehe!