Friday, September 16, 2011

From Duty

Well, since I wasn't accepted in V.Luna Hospital,  I went ahead with my pre-residency in East Avenue Medical Center.  There was actually no reason not to go through the pre-residency training.  There's nothing to lose and everything to gain.

There are two of us applying for the job and we're both hoping that we'll get the position.  There's another one who was sending his application too.  I hope all three of us get in.  The job will be much easier if there were three of us.  We can go on an "every three day" duty rather than "every other day" if there's only two of us.  And I truly hope, there are no more applicants ^_^

Anyway, the department is currently suffering a sanction from the chief resident.  Their attendance logbook was lost and there was a suspicion that a resident who is always late or absent could be the culprit.  And so the chief resident placed everyone on house arrest.  No one goes home until the logbook is found.  Bummer for everyone!  

The logbook was a requirement for Philhealth accreditation and without it, the residents and the department are going to have some problems.  I whispered to my co-pre-resident that if we happen to enter the department, we will make sure the logbook is secured and nothing like this will happen again.  Well, it isn't my problem yet.

My problem right now is reviewing anatomy extensively in the radiological science's point of view.  And I have already ordered a book which hopefully will help me survive the three no-salary on-probation months!

Crossing my fingers!

By the way, my Via hasn't forgotten me yet :)  

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