Sunday, September 4, 2011

For The Past Couple Of Days

I had to wear this all the time because I had the flu for sometime.
I didn't want to pass any to Via especially when I was taking care of her
without any help from the nanny.

I think this is probably one of the hardest thing to do - taking care of a baby recovering from a recent flu while you are trying to cope up with your own health.

Kuya Gab has stopped by our room to say "Hi" to Via.
His nanny told me that Kuya Gab was looking for Via that day.
And so, the yaya had to concede and visit Via even though
he is off limits (since he also had the flu).

Finally, regaining back her regular nose breathing (instead of her previous mouth-breathing).
She can finally finish a bottle of milk without crying.

Whenever she has tantrums even though I'm already cradling her,
I place her in my seat and start the gentle rocking.
That gets her to calm down.

She's a lot better here.
She is sliding around the room with her walker.
It's like a kid on her skateboard.

I tried to get all the harmful things out of her reach.
And left only those which are relatively safe for her to play with.

Grabbing one of my puppies

And bringing it along with her

And whenever I get her to sleep, I'm able to finally watch the TV.

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