Monday, October 3, 2011

Day When Pedring Came

Late Post:

I went to work early that day.  There was electricity everywhere in the hospital except our department.  It seems that the generator cannot provide for the heavy machinery our Radiology department has.  And so, there was no work to be done.

The chief resident sent a text message to my senior resident that day to send everyone who's not on duty home.  And so, I called Kuya Sergio (our driver) to come and pick me up in the lobby few minutes after he just dropped me off.

Of course, I was so happy to go home and spend the morning with my anak.  We didn't have electricity until it was noon time.  Good thing, we had a cool temperature in the house even though all windows were closed (due to the strong winds).

In the afternoon, I asked my brother and my sister to drive me to Mercury Drugstore and National Bookstore in Eastwood City because I needed to buy something.

We ended up spending most of our time in Fully Booked and had lunch at Cyma.

We were supposed to stay longer but my tummy wasn't up for it.  I asked them that we drive home ASAP! LOL!

I just wore a jacket over my "pambahay" shirt.

I bought a pocket notebook for my personal thoughts 
as if blogging isn't enough. 

My entries are all my thoughts for Via.
I'm planning to give her this notebook when she grows up.
My entries are like "Status Messages" in Facebook or Twitter
but I have to put some thought into it because my daughter is going to read it 
someday ^_^

I bought two of this cute little pocket notebook
for my work notes.

I am motivated to study and take notes because it's so cute!


  1. I like collecting cute notebooks and journals, but lazy-ass that I am, I never get around to actually using them. :p

  2. the notebooks are really cute. =)

  3. Notebooks make my heart flutter! :}

  4. great idea and the note books are cute!