Saturday, September 17, 2011

How My Birthday Went

I totally forgot my birthday.

I woke up from my fetal position in the two-seater sofa in the residents' quarters this morning.  All I could think of was that I'm going to go home early today from my From Duty status.  I really felt lucky because I got my weekends off from unpaid training.

I only remembered that today I was a year older when someone greeted me through text.

Well, this must be the most thrifty of all birthdays I had.

I attended a Jollibee kiddie birthday party and a wedding on my birthday.

I'm happy to sign in the attendance logbook as a From Duty (Pre) Res.
That means, I will be heading home soon.
Best birthday gift for today...

We headed to a Jollibee in Marikina 

The birthday celebrant is sooo cute in her hot pink gown!

Via's first-ever Barbie item.

As always, Jollibee kiddie parties are fun 
and my friend's daughter's celebration was no exception.

One hour after, I was headed to One Esplanade
to attend one of my best friend's wedding.

I was happy to be seated in one of the tables
 until I realized I was not seated with anyone I know. 

My birthday is almost over and I'm officially 33 years old!!!


  1. You don't look 33 sis, you look like you're just in your 20's. =) Happy birthday!

  2. Happy birthday, sis. :) I agree with Nathalie.

  3. omg you're 33 na?!? you look younger! happy birthday sis!!!!

  4. Happy Birthday sis! tama sila, akala ko sa 20's ka lang. =) Hello, pretty Via!

  5. belated happy birthday sis! :) same birthday month tayo :)