Sunday, June 19, 2011

To Smoke or Not Too Smoke?

It is all up to my husband whether I smoke or not.  

I have been asking him to gradually quit smoking since last year for our daughter's sake.  I think he went as far as reducing it to three sticks a day. He also tells me that he never finishes a stick.  

I was on the phone talking to him awhile ago.  I heard him buying cigarettes.  And then I told him calmly that someone is asking me at work to hang out and smoke during our breaks.  I told him that I would take the invite and start smoking too.  Since he can't stop, maybe I should start.

He then gave me a violent reaction that it's not good for me because I'm a woman and it doesn't look good when women do that.  And then I told him that our lungs are one and the same anatomically and functionally and our gender has nothing to do with it.  

And so, I heard him tell the lady in the sari-sari that he changed his mind about the cigarette.  

If he happens to tell me again that he smoked a couple, I would tell him that I would do the same thing the next day.  And then I'll make a report that I did smoke (even if I didn't).  

Hope this works!  Crossing my fingers!


  1. A tit for a tat! Haha. Nice one sis! =)

  2. try e-cigarette! =) i don't smoke but i've read that it is better alternative for those who cannot quit.

  3. I understand your husband on how hard it is to quite smoking..I'm on the process of quitting..ang hirap....hope your strategy work.

  4. parang "if you can't beat them, join them" lol! hope it works:)

  5. i smoke so i probably shouldn't comment about this.

  6. hope this will work for u sis ;)

  7. and hope that he won't read this then your plan will be all busted :)

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