Thursday, June 16, 2011

Hele or Hilo?

It is against my rules to carry Via and gently rock her to sleep.  I've always been afraid that she will get used to it and would ask for it all the time. I'm thinking that she won't be as light as she is now in the future.  And so, to spare me back aches in the upcoming months, I don't make hele (slowly rocking a baby to sleep).

Last weekend, we were back in my husband's place.  And my husband took care of my baby as promised.  He was reprimanding me why I can stand my baby crying when I can just cradle her and rock her to sleep as he does.  And for the nth time, I explained to him why.

But then at one point, when Via was crying while I was in the room with her and my hubby was in the kitchen preparing our lunch, he told me to try out his hele technique.  Because the pacifier and the milk bottle just wouldn't work, and the diaper has been changed already, and I don't see any other reason why she seemed so irritated at something, I finally carried her and tried to gently rock her to sleep.  In less than five minutes, she was knocked out.

I was really amazed at this technique and my husband had to smirk telling me silently "I told you so".  Before, I thought that the reason why a baby will fall asleep this way is because dizziness or hilo.  But then, I don't think my gentle rocking for less than five minutes could have made my daughter dizzy enough to make her fall asleep.

I have to hand it to my husband.  He barely sees his daughter but he understands her completely.


  1. Kids really do like being rocked to sleep. Good thing my cousin's petite so we could still carry her with ease even though she's already 3. =)

  2. I agree with the comment above. Kids love to be cuddled. I used the same method you mentioned when Kelly cries, until I saw one blogger's post about hugging the baby. :)

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