Sunday, June 19, 2011

First Father's Day

Well, it is for my daughter.  And it was a really sad occasion for both Via and me because we couldn't spend it with Via's dad.

We were both in Tagaytay with my parents.  I thought that it was really important to spend it with grandfather and my father.  I think they deserve to be celebrated on this day since they have proven themselves already in that job description.  They earned it.

On the other hand, even though my husband hasn't proved it yet (mostly because he hasn't been given that much of a chance) I thought it was sad that Via wasn't there with him to make him feel that he truly is a father on this day.

My husband has been at work the whole day.  His job is mostly busy on holidays and Sundays.  And today wasn't an exception.  We have been planning that when we returned this afternoon from Tagaytay, Via and I were going to a nearby fast food restaurant to join Via's dad for dinner.  Unfortunately, the weather wasn't so great (thanks to Egay).  And there was a tennis game scheduled late in the evening already.

The day went well except for some moments when I was reminded that my family doesn't recognize that Via also has a father.  It was very offensive the way they reminded my sister to call my nephew's father to say Happy Father's day.  They of course didn't bother to tell me that I should do the same.

I thought that anything against Via's father was against Via.  And anything against Via is against me (and her dad).

So sad today, as I think about all of these things.  It was very unfortunate that my own family has to endure this kind of set up.

But you know, when I think about it,  whenever I feel this way, the stronger my resolution that someday, when we are able, we can live with Via's father and it will be more peaceful and NORMAL for all of us.



It's hard to start a family without money.  But when I think about it, I wouldn't be able to start one if I waited for myself or Via's dad to be financially ready.  There's just this fear of what might happen if one of us gets sick... God forbid that Via gets sick.  And I don't know if my parents are willing to help out if that happens. I don't really care if I have to beg to anyone to save Via... I don't have that much pride.  But what if, in this greatest need, everyone will refuse to help us.  That is what I fear most.  Food and shelter is not a problem.  And the basic needs are at hand.  But if a catastrophe like that happens, I don't know what I will do.  I don't think we have enough money to send anyone of us to the doctor if there was a need.


Anak, smile for the camera!
(taken today at Josephine's Tagaytay during our family luncheon)

In spite of  everything in my head right now, today was relatively a good day.

Alas! We got a smile.

Happy Father's Day to all fathers!


  1. What a pretty mother and daughter tandem! =) Happy Father's Day to your hubby sis!

  2. Happy father's day to your hubby sis! I hope things will get better for you soon. keep fighting!