Friday, June 24, 2011

Rainy Saturday

No work today.  Thank goodness.

Via is now using her crib.  I miss her terribly in bed.  I am the one having separation anxiety instead of the other way around.

Rain hasn't stopped since yesterday afternoon. I pity those who have their areas submerged in flood waters.  I was awaken up gust of winds against our windows and even the bedroom door made some racket.  Good thing, Via is still enjoying her deep sleep.

There were momentary black out.  I got up to charge my phone at once.  I really don't know if there's going to be a longer black out today.  Better make sure the battery's working.

I called husband before 6am asking him if he still had to go to work. He said yes.  Since there's no stopping him, I told him to hail a cab instead of riding a jeepney.  And I told him to bring the golf umbrella instead of my umbrella.  Also, I told him to bring boiled eggs teehee!  Just in case there were no restaurants open.  (OA na)  I don't want him stranded and hungry at the same time.  He assured me he has everything under control and that I should go back to bed while Via is still asleep.  In other words, I need to stop bugging him like I'm his mother.  teehee!


  1. its pretty normal to get worried. i sort of got stranded the first night it started raining hehe. my sisters also got stranded in tomas morato last saaturday. x] now my car smells like bilasang isda. >.<"