Saturday, June 25, 2011

Mall Rats

Well, we were yesterday.  We weren't really going to buy anything except lunch but there were 11 of us.  We bought the whole gang.  This included my grandparents, my daughter, my sister's son, their corresponding nannies, and my sister and brother.

We had lunch at Sushiya and then my grandfather left along with the driver to spend some time in the casino somewhere.  And the rest of us were left to roam the mall.  My grandmother keep entering shoe shops because she had to sit down.  It's too bad there were no shoes that I liked in those shops.  It's not really so bad.

And then we had to stop by at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf to meet up with the others.

I wasn't able to catch up on my reading assignments like I was supposed to do yesterday.  We had a fruitless but nevertheless, fun time at the mall.

While we were getting ready, I had to take some photos.
These were the first or many after turning seven months old the other day.

Masarap ba yan anak?  Patikim naman!

Oh my! Big baby ka na anak ko :)

Look at the crazy look in her eyes!
She looks so happy... and up to something!

Our group while waiting for our orders in Sushiya.

Grandma, Via and Me.  


  1. the guy with the back of his hand on his face, looks so hungry, he could eat a whole family-size plate of pancit by himself

  2. Ang cute ng baby mo. :) At at ang dami nyong nag-mall, ha. :D

  3. sis, ang ganda ganda ni Via. at ang ganda ng katawan nya ha. so big na! :)

  4. Ain't she a happy baby? :) Sarap ng malling nyo buong angkan! hehe :)

    Spanish Pinay

  5. Via is getting really big (in a good way course)! =) Kids seem to grow so quickly..

  6. your baby has the cutest smile! :) haha!