Saturday, October 15, 2011

Room Improvements

New Tube!  More space for my abubot.
The console was pulled out from another house.
My old desk was pulled out from my room 
and the photo frames had nowhere else to go but in this corner.

Here's Via, watching me straighten out the messy room

At last, I was able to buy frames from the supermarket.
I plan to put Via's pictures ALL OVER our bedroom walls.

I pulled down my (ehem) portrait and replaced it with Via's.
MUCH MUCH better!

My JOY!  New chair and table for me.  
Thank you Mommy.

Danger zone for Via.  I tried to pull out some of the heavy stuff
from the bookshelves which might fall on Via
whenever she bumps her walker against it.
Heck! The whole thing might topple over her if I don't do something!

The bed is not where it is supposed to be 
but in this way, it makes more space for Via to move around.


  1. Yay, domestic bliss. :)

    It looks so neat and cozy.

  2. I love the new look and for sure your little one is happy that she can move freely...

    btw...I love the bookshelves..I took a pic and I'm going to find the same one...hahaha...kung wala mahanap papagawa ko nalang:)

    thank you for sharing:)