Friday, October 21, 2011

Her Birthday Dress

Grandma took the liberty to buy her birthday dress.  I don't really mind.  And I loved what Mom bought my Via.  It was like a summer dress (even though the party is going to be held on Christmas season).  I was thinking of buying her something that resembles that of Dora's clothes.  Since I don't have time for shopping these days, I was happy to see the package that my mom left our room days ago.  It was her gift to Via... along with so many things already.

Thank you Lola Mommy!


  1. The dress is so cute! :) Love the bear fairy <3 Hope you could post photos of your little princess wearing this dress :)

  2. Adorable dress. :) Your little princess will look super cute in it. :)

  3. She has a birthday dress already. Yay, so cute! I wanna see Via wearing it na.

    Visiting here from GT sis. Hope you visit me too! :D