Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Kids Gather Round

We're staying at my parents house for Christmas eve.   My grandparents were there first before my daughter and I arrived.  It was a big surprise because they travelled all the way from Bicol.  It was a good sign since they seem really healthy to travel that far.  They also brought with them my little cousin, Andre.  That means, he is Kuya Gab and Ate Via's uncle.

Making my daughter eat her meals gets a bit easier.  For her, everything is a competition.  I guess she gets it from Kuya Gab who yells "I win!" all the time.  I think they meant "First!".  My daughter now does the same thing.  She even says it to me in a grammatically incorrect singsong voice "Haha! I win. You're the lose one!"
There are days that the cousins go along well.
But most of the time, my nephew, three years older
than my daughter loses his patience with 
his cousin who don't play by the same rules that 
he follows.  And so, play time ends with an argument.

However, it doesn't matter that they part ways not in good terms, they still look for one another whenever one misses the other.
 The day before Christmas, the adults bring out the old toys to divert the kids attention from the wrapped gifts that we tried hiding from them only to be found out soon afterwards.  I guess they can sniff a new toy in the air.

It seems that the great grandmother wants to join the fun too. 

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