Thursday, December 25, 2014

Family Christmas

The celebration is all over and we have gathered enough to remain in our memories.

It was one whole day of Christmas cheers.  The kids were up earlier than usual.  And trying to look out for gifts already.  They've been waiting for this day for the promise of Santa dropping by and leaving gifts for them.  

The best thing about letting Via visit her grandparents' house is that there are other kids around.  Unlike in our apartment, I would be her one and only choice as company.  I've turned into her bestfriend.  She says so.  It's the best thing when you hear it. However, I'm always not around.  Here, she can run around and not get stuck with the gadgets that I hand to her when I cannot attend to her.  

Here, she plays with other kids, the way she's supposed to.  

That makes her one happy kid this Christmas.  
At a young age, I'm not expecting her to find happiness in the company 
of her parents.  Kids are supposed to play with other kids.  I think that's 
what's normal.  And I want nothing for her but normal.  
Never mind extraordinary.  I'm not aiming for that.


I've given her a bubble maker (???) for Christmas with her favorite Princess Sofia character on it.  It was a hit for her and other kids.  It cost me P147 only!!!  It was worth more than what I paid for since they enjoyed it.

Family get togethers are always welcome in this house.  It might be a bit tiring if it happened often but since it occurs only once a year, it becomes real special. The kids might not even remember these days and that is why it's important to take pictures for them to see in the future.  Four generations are in this picture.  I would say that this could be one of the priceless possession this family has.   

Hope you had a meaningful Christmas!


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