Monday, December 15, 2014

Breathe Easy. Squeeze in Some Cold Remedy.

My daughter cannot get enough rest when she has the colds.  Not being able to breathe through your nose is difficult especially for someone who isn't trained for mouth breathing.

I have one solution for that stuffy nose without the use of a systemic medication.  I squeeze a couple of drops to at least one of her nostrils.

She's not really happy whenever I do that.  There's a lot of resistance and crying, in that order.  And so I have to improvise.  I have to do it when she least expects it.  And that chance only comes when she's already asleep.

I know.  I know.  Why would I do that to her when she's already getting her much needed rest?  It's because I know that during the span of time she's supposed to be sleeping straight until morning, she would be waking from time to time and crying at that for reason that she cannot breathe easy.  

Whenever I use this, I have to quick, a bit aggressive, firm and kind all at the same time.

My husband don't get it.  He cannot take it when my daughter is crying.  But I'm doing them a favor.  They would be getting their sleep throughout the night (unless I wake him up to make our daughter a bottle of milk every now and then).  

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