Saturday, December 6, 2014

Ballet Recital

This is what I've noticed about my daughter: she loves to dance.  And so, when I saw that there was a dance school nearby, I didn't hesitate to enroll her.  I knew she would enjoy it very much.

However, every first day is the hardest.  It took her some time to get used to the teacher, the mirrored dance rooms and the pink-tutu classmates.

She enrolled late this year and so, the recital just came too quick for her.

Today, she showed that it didn't matter.  I think she handled it well.  

The kids had some kind of Kris Kringle in the dressing room while they were waiting for the show to start.

It started late than scheduled because (from what I heard), the ballet teacher had to wait for a parent.  I was afraid that the students, particularly my daughter, would be so restless and tired already.

I guess they were having so much fun together, no one was complaining.

The teacher fixed everyone's hair when there was a need for fixing.  And I just had to take a picture of the teacher putting some lipstain on my daughter's lips.  Via has this some kind of affiliation with make-up at this early stage.  Too bad her mom don't wear any on both regular and special days.

The ballet teacher, teacher Kat, did her own number for the invocation.  
It was pretty impressive.

Watching ballet this close, I could see how hard it was.  Jumping and landing perfectly on toed shoes.  This was a real sport.  Ballet dancers seem fragile but I think it would take a lot of effort to keep that grace intact while under some sort of pressure - the balancing act while holding your head up high.  I'd like that to be instilled in my daughter.  

There were a lot of grandparents there.  And everyone was rooting for somebody in the stage. It was a nice family day.  Via was constantly peeking through the curtains to wave to us.  She saw us once and she just couldn't stop to look and see if we were still in our seats.  She used to cry whenever she performs in front of people and see me among them.  But these days, she just smiles happily knowing that I'm there (along with her grandparents, aunt, uncles and cousin.  

Next month she will be seeing me and her father in the audience rooting for her.  I can't wait until then.  


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