Thursday, November 13, 2014

Travelling With My Best Friend

I don't think there was a time that I boarded the plane without my Via Faith ever since she existed.  Even when she was still in the womb, she was with me when I went away and back to Manila (and this happened twice).   Come to think of it, I even went diving with her one time while I was pregnant.

We are just so lucky that we are always together.  We have never been apart.  I don't think I'd ever want to be apart from my daughter even if I sometimes try to get away from her (for work reasons).

Sometime last month, both of us joined my sister and her family travelling to MY MOST FAVOURITE ASIAN COUNTRY (next to ours, of course).

We just have to ride on the Singapore Flyer again.  It was our second time to ride it except for my Via.  I was afraid that they'd get scared of of heights but I was wrong.  They were all calm and collected until I bought out the selfie stick.

Being together makes everything extra special even though it was actually tiresome for me to be alone taking care of my restless daughter.  Even when we were inside our hotel room, she is still a handful.  My sister got their own room.  I guess she didn't want to be bothered by the ruckus Via and her cousin Gabino would create.  Wise decision because only when she's asleep do I get my rest.  

She doesn't want me out of her sight during the trip.  I leave the bathroom door open so that I can hear her when I leave her inside the room.  However, she startles me when she comes over while I'm there doing my own business.

I am her best friend.  She says so herself.  And I am truly honoured to have this unexpected gift who likes me without any condition at all.   Someone who wants my full attention like it's the most important thing of all.  It is tiresome yes, but never a burden.

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