Thursday, November 13, 2014

Birthdate at Pho Hoa

It was Papa's birthday.

And so, we spent sometime together while our daughter was in school (it was a Monday).  We're not so big on birthdays unless it was Via Faith's.  And so, we did a couple of errands while we were out of the house.

His birthday included paying our bills in Globe for our internet.  While I was in line, he was looking at the phones available for postpaid plans.  We walked out of the phone shop saying kidding him about the phones on display that we couldn't afford to add to our monthly bills.

We made his birthday our grocery day too.  It has always been his duty to choose what and how much meat and poultry products we need to buy.  It's my duty to buy the other unimportant junk that I usually eat at home and in the work place.  And so, it was kind of an errand day for him.

The only treat that we had was eating in our favourite noodle restaurant.  And we get our money's worth.  We ate there in silence for a moment savouring every sip of the hot noodle soup.

It was our kind of thing.  It's not everyday that we can afford eating out.  We had to spend it wisely.  For people like us, birthdays are never for splurging.

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