Friday, November 7, 2014

Ballet Class

First Ballet Class

Via attended her first ballet class this morning.  I just called yesterday and her ballet teacher wanted her to attend her first class today because there was no reason to postpone it since the first month is being paid for in full.  

Of course, it was too short a notice but because I was excited for her, I let her attend today without wearing the prescribed uniform.  And so Via went there wearing her temporary tights and socks.  Every kid there were wearing pink tights, tutu and ballet shoes.  

She stood out and she felt it.  I could sense that she was not happy about being different.  She wasn’t crying because she’s scared to join.  She was crying because she didn’t belong there.  Not today.  

I am kind of worried on how she is reacting to this.  I’m making sure that Papa and I talk to her about this before this day ends.  

I want my kid to be happy even if she’s so different from the others.  Today has given me a foresight what could happen when she begins those middle school years when kids are being bullied just because they were different.  

I wouldn’t be able to stop other kids from bullying her.  However, she shouldn’t “bully” herself about being different.  She was really sad this morning.  I don’t want her to feel that way in the future.  I have to make her understand that each one of us are different in our own ways, may it be in big or small ways.  We are never created equal. Some will excel in one thing, and the others may excel in other things.  

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