Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Study Time

I am truly having a hard time making my daughter cooperate during study time.  She has the propensity to say "no" when she hears the word "study".  I'm not around that often because work takes up most of my time.  And whenever that I am around the house, all she could say to me was "Mommy, let's play" (her very words) accompanied by some begging facial expressions.  And whenever I don't hear her the first time, she shouts those words.

I am her favorite playmate.  I am a lot of fun, if I say so myself.  Kiddie fun, of course.  And it's so hard for me to get around playtime to get to study time.  I had to find ways to make play and study, one and the same.  However, phonics could be a boring game after time.

I highly depend on Papa to provide her the study time (since I have to have my own study time myself).  It only works when I'm not around for her to see me and think and say, "Mommy, let's play".

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