Thursday, September 11, 2014

Barbies and Disney Princesses

For a long time, I blamed toys like Barbie and Disney Princesses for girls developing misconceptions about themselves.  If you happen to come across Barbie Dreamhouse (or something like that) in YouTube, it would seem that a perfect life comes from all good material things.  It was that extravagant and never simple.  If little girls would grow up thinking that way, they'll end up disappointed in many points in their lives.  They create unrealistic expectations of what they should have and what they should become.

I want my daughter to have an encounter with the same toys I have played when I was young.  However, there must be some guidance so that she would understand that:

There will be no prince or fairy godmother that can save her.  She can only rely on herself.
You don't need to have everything to live - only the important things.  
Keep fit.  Do not keep thin.
Work on your brain not only your body.
There is some good in everyone, even the villains. 
Don't show off.  

And so much more.  

I want the best for my daughter.  However, I probably won't be able to give them all to her.  I want her to know that she can learn how to achieve what is best for herself.  (YouTube) Barbies and (Traditional) Disney Princesses won't teach her how.  

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  1. Yeah I agree, they are expensive too! Me I want my kids to have toys where they can learn a lot hindi yung sobrang mahal na sisirain din lang naman nila