Sunday, February 26, 2012

On Valentine's Day

It's still February, isn't it?
Family spent Valentine's day together.
We had dinner in Shangri-la's lobby which was covered in tent-like tapestries.

I got flowers from the usherettes.

I'm expecting a sumptuous dinner during that night
because I came from work and the last meal I had was more than six hours ago.


Here was my favorite: macarons and truffles!

I went to the ladies room in order to talk to my husband on Skype.
I guess that was the best that we can do during that time.

The dinner was made more special with live music singing romantic songs, of course!


  1. Oii.. ganda!! Lapit lang ako sa Shang EDSA. Sayang na-miss ko to. Ayy, asa Cebu pala kami nung Valentine! Hihi!

    Visiting back sis :)