Saturday, February 18, 2012

I Felt So Loved

I have never asked God to make a man give me white flowers to tell me that he is the one for me.

My husband and I celebrated Valentine's Day a little off the mark.
We had to postpone our celebrations because of our engagements with other people.

I spent last night with my husband. 
I have forgotten what he said he was planning to do
because my mind was so occupied with work and Via 
and so many other things.

And so last night, while I was in the apartment, everything came in as a surprise.
I was taking a shower and heard him change the songs on his computer.
Everything became very mushy!
The songs that I didn't really listen to before.

When I got out, I saw that it was a bit dark and a candle was lighting up the whole house.
He gestured for me to sit down on the chair and rubbed my legs dry with the towel.
He then said that he has something for me and handed me the flowers!
White ones!  
And I knew they were beautiful even if it was a bit dark.
He ushered me to stand up and he made me dance with him.
I couldn't help it but cry.  I was so overwhelmed.

He was a bit puzzled why I cried (and was even bothered)
He doesn't get it that I felt so loved by him that it moved me to tears.
We have been through a lot and we are still going to go through tough times some more.
But last night, I thought that everything is at it should be.

He is more than enough for me.


  1. So touched with your post... as we get too busy with our daily chores and hectic schedules, we often forget those things (and people) who really matter to us. Good to know that it's still quite easy to make us "remember" who and what these important parts are ;)

  2. this post is so touching. more love to you, little Via and your hubby...