Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Via's Birthday Prep... So Far

In sixteen days, we will be celebrating Via's birthday.  And in less than 25 days, we will be having Via's birthday party... without her noticing it.

So far, we have booked the Rainbow Room in Fun Ranch in Ortigas.  And we already chose the food from their menu.  Also, we have decided which "entertainment" to provide the guest.

I'm a bit anxious about the schedule that we have.  It was going to be 6pm to 9pm.  The good thing about this is that the parents would be free to bring their kids to the party.  The possibility that the kids would get sleepy during the party because it's probably their bedtime already worries me.

Anyway, I got off from my 30-hour duty today at noon and picked up my sister from their shop on my way to Market Market.  We visited her favorite party favor store, Edeng's.

The "Toy Kingdom" Divisoria-style.
Sadly, it wasn't as cheap as the ones in Divisoria.

My sister was so busy checking in Facebook and taking pictures for her Instagram account!


  1. I bought party supplies at Edeng's too when I was preparing for Andi's 1st birthday. Yes, they are pricier than divisoria. But at least, you can avoid the huge crowd from divi. ;)

  2. I visited edeng's too before. And I agree pricier than divi. But if you're not buying a lot this is a good alternative. Which reminds me I have to drop there soon. My little boy is having his party I less than 2 weeks! Lol!

  3. Wow, parang kelan lang when Via was still a baby. And now she's turning one! Advance happy birthday to her.:)