Thursday, December 8, 2011

Via's 1st Day in (Gymboree) School

Thursdays are for her M1 Music class
and yesterday, it was Disco music day

We (Mommies, Nannies and the kids) were also asked to dance.

It's a good thing I remember some disco moves ^_^
Moves only kids can appreciate.
I think one yaya looked at me weirdly when I was dancing
with my Via.  ^_^


  1. Ayy.. katuwa naman ang mga lesson sa Gymboree. Hahaha. Ayaw sumayaw ng Koreana! Pinay ang mommy?

  2. We passed by Gymboree in Trinoma the other day, but I wasn't able to inquire. Anong age ba pwede ienroll ang bata? Kelly is 6 months old, going on 7.